The Six Dogs Journey

It began, as so many good things do, in the most humble way: a shed normally used to house our six dogs and an old copper geyser converted into a still. From there the dream unfolded to make a gin that would make a difference in the South African craft distillery industry and abroad.

About Us

Distiller Charles Bryant was soon joined by his brother Glenn and friend Luigi Marucchi who shared the desire to create something really special. When it came to the still, we decided to re-invent the wheel by custom-designing a traditional copper still to our precise specifications.

Our research into molecular distillation revealed that some of the delicate botanicals would be better preserved by being distilled under vacuum and blended later. What started off as an exploration of technology and botany evolved into a passion – and that’s how Six Dogs gin came into the world.

Distilled in South Africa, at the Fringe of the Karoo

No one really knows where the Karoo, a semi-desert natural region of South Africa, begins and ends. We do know, however, that in our little valley of De Wet, nestled between the Breede River Valley and the Hex River Valley, the wild things grow!

We use some of these wild plants of the Karoo in our gin, also growing our own botanicals whilst supporting neighbouring farmers who grow specific fruit for us.

Our distillery was built with a view of the mountains and the greater Karoo, looking up towards the valley from which we get the purest mountain water ever, and yes, you guessed right – that’s the source of the water we use to make our gin. In the evenings, we can just see the lights of Worcester behind us as we take in the beautiful view up the valley and wonder if the Karoo doesn’t actually begin right here at the distillery.

Made with Passion

As we humbly live our journey with excitement and passion, our growing brand has allowed us to build a team of people of whom we are truly proud. We have opened a second distillery to enable Luigi to make gin not far from his own home. Here he distils using our second custom designed copper still, three times the size of our original still.

Our journey has been full of rewarding experiences, many of them encountered in marketing. To this end, Glenn who leads the marketing team has been resolute in only growing the business at the same pace as we grow our relationships. It’s important to us to be fully connected with all our customers, retailers and on-consumption outlets. Without them we only have products. With them we have a brand.

There are also those who have gone far beyond the limits of helping us spread the love of Six Dogs, asked nothing in return and continually amaze us with their unselfish energy in promoting our brand. We wish to recognise the support of these Honorary Brand Ambassadors: Shorts Dewes, Peer Ieul, Fran Molloy, Duds Connock and Etienne Andre. Thanks to all who are making this journey possible.

Into Europe and the World

After the incredible support that we received from gin lovers in South Africa, we sought to expand our base and now export to more than 22 countries worldwide. Spurred on by the growth of sales in Europe in particular, we decided to establish a physical presence on the continent and chose The Netherlands as an exciting and well-positioned country from which to launch our sales drive. We look forward to growing the pack of Six Dogs fans on a global level and expanding our reach in Europe and beyond. 

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